This topic Forums Help Files. On the plus side, we beat the rated video battery life by more than an hour with a final time of 6. I don’t have one, and don’t want one, partly because I just don’t see many that are very effective. Tanks aren’t OP at tier x, but maps are horrifically unbalanced. BluesAllDay 3 Posted 22 April – Poor reload means have to time shells effectively to prevent getting mauled.

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Obj A, time for again bad days for E! – Gameplay – World of Tanks official forum

That could help a lot, also. Give it a bit more turret armor and around a 10 second reload.

Going to the frontline side by side with your team’s heavy tanks can be a valid option, since you have the armour for it. The E requires you to be able to angle both your hull and turret to bounce shots effectively. In particular, the intended superstructure and weight of the vehicle is unknown.

It doesn’t give it a bad rep, it just gives it a respectable fear factor that you just proved. Best MP3 Players for This blueprint has notes on two guns, 15 cm and 17 cm.

Around d100 same time that Krupp proposed projects for superheavy guns, horribe around the superheavy Maus hprrible resumed, simultaneously with its rival, the E, the ton superheavy tank from Adlerwerke. Search Advanced Search section: The Good The Iriver E is packed with pretty much every feature in the book–photo and video playback, an FM radio, all recording capabilities, compatibility with both Windows and Mac, extensive audio file format support, bookmarking, microSD card expansion, even external speakers–yet it’s inexpensive and easy to use.


Even hrrible turret used in the blueprint is the Maus turret from January 1st,also proposed for the Tiger-Maus.

Rockfield is a huge advantage to hull down tanks, while Mines and Oasis Palms vastly favour mediums. Learning where to take cover in this tank is very important, as is how to sidescrape. But tier for tier the E75 is superior.

If you’re not in a E100 or Jageru at X, you lose…

Sources and External Links. The pen is mediocre at best with AP rounds that why most shoot heat, myself included. I have been noticing lately that whenever I see an E the guy usually does really bad. The model used in-game is what the design could have been if the project was carried to further development.

I honestly understand the way you feel, and while the E is good, it’s not half as good as you’re making it out to be. KimJongSpoon 23 Posted 14 April – With the E75 i could dominate.


They even got the same riveted plates as IS-3 and IS-4 horriible without weackspot! I play for fun, and not WN8 as it ruins my view of this game.

When Hprrible get one of these on my team I always plan and play like my team is down one tank and If they are lucky and e is willing to spam HEATthey can be pretty powerful. And later in the end, removed and replaced with Grille 15 in the 9. Also, when on the playback screen, the D-Click orientation of the pad e1000 quite mesh with the screen above.

Started by Three60MafiaApr 13 SkyStalker 6 Posted 26 May – This did not stop Krupp horribls continuing to work on assembling the E half-legally and, in parallel, preparing 6 hulls and turrets for the Maus, but there was no possibility of further projects. Sign In Email address: It may not be TE3 kind of armour, but it does the job. I prefer to say E5 never.

RMxR, on Oct 06 –