Verify that the light on the modem comes on. The computer is not receiving a response from the modem. With Windows or XP if you have Quicken installed: What do I do? Terminating tasks are about the only way – however, if you terminate certain tasks, your system may crash or become unstable.

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Telztra you receive replies, your internet connection is working correctly. Using Telstra’s Next G network, it’s the ideal solution for on the go communications. Telstra have informed of the closure of CDMA, expected to occur in Also see – Using HyperTerminal.

Disconnect the dial up session and try reconnecting. The permanent solution is to remove Quickenor disable the Quicken Download Manager. You can view a session total in the main window while connected, or you can find more logs in the options area. If the port is already open, another application has control over the modem.

The guide temporarily sent me in the wrong direction, as it advises ‘You need to have the latest firmware update tutbo, then provides a link back to telstra.

This error can occur if: The Next G Network is Telstra’s next generation mobile network, bringing high-speed, wireless broadband internet to mobile phones and laptops in most places across Australia. This error can occur if your modem is not properly installed, or for an external modem if the power to the modem is turned off. If the server accepts your username and password, it should start a PPP session, and you cannot use HyperTerminal to get any further – you may see ‘garbage’ characters.


I have listed below the output from the firmware update software. All versions of Windows – This error can occur if you are attempting to connect to a Windows domain that has had a RRAS Routing and Remote Access Services server log on without administrative privileges.

Last added supported model

The remote access phonebook file and network and dial-up connection information may be inconsistent. If you get an error, contact your service provider and have them try and log in with your account information. This may occur if you have changed your modem or serial port.

Only the previously mentioned file. It may also occur if there is a problem with your service provider’s access equipment or on a ‘bad’ connection where moem modem is retraining.

Maxon BP3-USB / Turbo Modem

This process will take several minutes. Check that the modem is plugged in, and if necessary, turn the modem off, and then turn it back on.

This will display the actual program names – it may be difficult to pinpoint which, if any, programs are accessing the modem. Applications that can use the modem include fax software, terminal software like HyperTerminalas well as voice software including software that can make your modem an answering machine or speakerphone.

Telstra Turbo Modem FAQ

If this is the case, it may be necessary to re-boot the computer before the modem will be recognized. Also make sure the phone number is correct. If this does not correct the problem, you may need to remove and re-install portions of Windows, or re-install Windows.


This error may indicate the modem is damaged, not connected, or installed improperly. Make sure the username, password, and connection to use are maxn in each of the programs you use to start a connection. The firmware update software is pictured at the completion of the update with the complete process taking just under 4 minutes.

The error can be caused by the Quicken Download Manager; uninstalling the modem and re-installing it may result in the modem working – for a single session. The Modem driver files is missing or maxo – If the modem driver file is missing or damaged, you can try uninstalling the modem software and then reinstalling.

In most cases you should get four replies. Terminating tasks are about the only way – however, if you terminate certain tasks, your system may crash or become unstable.

BigPond Maxon BP3 Ext Antenna

The software appears to give an excellent verbose output of what is happening throughout the process. Verify that the light on the modem comes on. Close all other software programs running in the background.